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This last seven months have been a testament regarding the strength of the human spirit. My human spirit. I have experienced loss, disappointment, frustration, and defeat. During this period I even loss my "muse" or ability to channel my voice into writing. Consistent writing. As an aspiring writer, it's a horrible place to be.

My vision for the future has been shook. 

Still, I have managed to maintain a sense of hope. I know what needs to be done. I need to look within myself and really focus on what it is I want. I need to develop a means to pursue what that is passionately and vigorously. Part of this mission for rejuvenation includes revamping this blog. 

I have not devoted the time to The Cultural Report that it deserves. I have neglected the blog as though it is a chore I plan on getting to later. I know that is not what I want. I desire a writing space where I have the motivation and eagerness to share regularly and with consistency. I think I can achieve this by focusing on subject matters that ignite my creativity and hungriness for crafting an interesting narrative to share with others.

With this in mind, I will be taking a sabbatical. I don't know if I will return with The Cultural Report or shut it down to start something new. However, I do hope to reignite that loss spark and begin to write again.
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