Sweeping Generalizations in Politics

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Screenshot from New Day via CNN.
A friend asked for my thoughts on Ben Carson's comments on homosexuality during an interview with New Day host Chris Cuomo. During the segment, Carson made the claim people entering prison straight and leaving gay proves being gay is a choice. I find his assessment troubling, and not only because it was a sweeping generalization and factually unsupported. In my response, I wrote:
I don't understand the need to boil individuals down to case studies, which this isn't. It's at best an observational opinion without any meritable analysis or investigation. The individual circumstances or histories behind those prisoners who "come out" are ignored for a sweeping generalization. Whenever there is a commonality among a group, people want to apply that commonality to all individuals who have a relation to said group, however small the relation is. This desire to take away individuality in order to "understand" something or someone instead of treating people as unique and free-thinking individuals is troubling. 

What are your thoughts on Ben Carson's claim being gay is a choice? What are you thoughts on sweeping generalizations made on political platforms? Sound off in the comments section below!

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